October 20th, 2006


How things change...

It's weird to go into a game against the Red Wings and be the favourite to win. I mean, that was the case the last time they came to San Jose, but that was because they were missing the 5 Swedes who were on the Olympic team.

It's also weird to have an actual power play. It used to be I'd want to decline power plays sometimes. :P And jeez, defensemen who score? Matt Carle is the leading scorer among defenseman right now. Not among rookie defenseman, but in the whole league! I used to be impressed if our defensemen got shots on net, hee.

Cheech is buying Ricci's house! Collapse )

Attention newfashiongirl, arami and fetisha! The Sharks are practising in special Halloween jerseys! They're orange, and on the back there's a pumpkin with the player's number "carved" into it. They clash horribly with teal goalie pads. :P There's video of their practice here, along with interviews with Joe, Cheech, Patty and Mark Smith.

Joe smiles as he says he likes to play with both of our goalies. :( Cheech's costume one year was a moose hunter! Boy has a definite moose obsession. Patty was He-Man with tights and a tin foil sword! Mark Smith just wanted to be a superhero (cos' he wanted to wear the tights, har!)

I am also ridiculously proud of Marian. He scored the first goal, did almost all the work for the second goal, then scored the game tying goal with under a minute left in the game. He also scored in the shootout and was named first star of the game. *sniffles* I have Collapse )
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Marc-Edouard Vlasic

Summer in San Francisco

It finally feels like summer here! 78 degrees, har.

Wah, an entire article on baby defenseman. *sniffle* How could he be that little and that good?

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I love how in both pictures he looks like he's going to cry. They called him cerebral! Meep! I'm vaguely horrified that Roy was so instrumental to his development, but... the kid is so good! Once he gets a stable number... *eyes jersey*
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