August 2nd, 2006


Old Chinese people fashion

Generally, old Chinese people will just wear anything that's given to them. Or buy stuff if it's cheap. I've seen them in stuff like leopardskin pants/shirts, purple velvet trenchcoats, etc, and uhh, it's pretty clear from their accessories/shoes/etc that they weren't trying to be cool.

Another common thing is to wear caps of whatever local sports teams there are, without necessarily knowing what team it is, or what sport... but today, I had to do a double take--an old Chinese man was wearing a cap with the confederate flag on it! :P

Peeeeeeeeeetr hasn't signed yet. It sounds like he'll be going to Edmonton, where he'll have a tearful reunion with Ales, and eat at the best Czech restaurant in North America. Or he could go play in Magnitogorsk again. I dunno. If they offered him enough money, of course he'd do it, but I don't know that they would/can. Maybe his agent made up the whole thing.
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