July 3rd, 2006


Stevie, Sharks signings, video clips, ficcage

Posted more ficcage! :)

I'm impressed Stevie toughed it out as long as he did. I remember us talking about him in IHC way back in the off-season after they won the Cup in 2002, and he'd had the surgery on his leg, but it wasn't certain that it was going to be successful. I wrote something back then about it... Stevie Y, a Children's Story.

I'm happy with the Mike Grier pick up. I really liked the way he played in the playoffs. I just hope that he can keep it up and not just kind of fade into oblivion. I'm sad that we didn't keep Alyn, though. *sniffle*

I uploaded a ton of video clips from the NHL Awards. For some reason the Jack Adams award (just that one) isn't live yet, but I expect it will be within a day. I don't know what the problem is--Lindy Ruff too obscene? ;)

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