June 23rd, 2006


Ze NHL Awards!

Everything pretty much went as expected. The Hart was the only award where it wasn't clear who was going to win, but they actually got the right person! It might have been for the wrong reasons (winning the Art Ross and being from the east), but it was the right guy.

I still don't like him, but I do like it when the right person gets the recognition, and it's a bonus if he's from my team. :P

Cheeeeeeeeech didn't disappoint, and looked utterly terrified while he was giving his speech. *sighs happily*

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Brushes with fame!

Well, a little bit more specific than that. I'm interested in hearing stories from you guys about going to school with someone famous. Doesn't matter if you never talked to them, or never took a class with them or never even saw them! If you and the famous person were in school at the same time, it qualifies.

I'll start!

I had a class with Tiger Woods for a quarter. He only showed up half the time and looked pretty angst-ridden when he did. Shortly after, he dropped out of college to make bazillions of dollars, so I don't think he was angst-ridden anymore. :D

I almost walked into Fred Savage one night. I totally wouldn't have noticed it was him except that my friend pointed it out.

Chelsea Clinton was also there at the same time I was but I never saw her because it's a huge, sprawling campus and the various departments are pretty separate. My dad was quite anxious that I'd never seen her and he told me I should find out what dorm she was in and like, hang out there, eat lunch or whatever, and I asked, "So you want me to stalk her?" and he answered, "Yes."

He was serious.

I already know certainthings's Nelly Furtado story, how about everyone else? :)
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