April 16th, 2006

Jonathan Cheechoo

Cheech spam

Found an old article from October about Cheech's background.

Strong Family Ties Have Helped Make Cheechoo An NHLer
October 20, 2005

Jonathan Cheechoo has quickly become a fan favorite at HP Pavilion. Part of it is due to his 28 goals last season which tied Patrick Marleau for the team lead. Part is a result of his “cool” sounding last name, which quickly turns to a drawn out call for “Cheech” when his play dazzles the fans. A portion could be due to the story he wrote when he was 12 saying how he wanted to play for the Sharks. However, the biggest part of the equation might just be that the fans can relate to him.

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Kind of prophetic of Doug Wilson. :)

Finding his way in San Jose

VANCOUVER — Jonathan Cheechoo can still remember those first days away from home, away from his family, a 14-year-old kid crying himself to sleep most nights in a stranger's home.

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*weeps* And he has 11 GWG now. :) Ahhh, baby!Cheech destroying his clothes! And being a role model and stuff. *sighs*
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