April 11th, 2006

Jonathan Cheechoo


Thank you so much jerichoholic419 for all the cards and the pin!!! OMG and the cute little notes! *dies* Where's PJ??? Ahhhhhhh! I squeaked a lot looking through the cards (although I did not chitter). :D

I got the cards from you too, newfashiongirl! Thank you! :)

Eeeeeee... I'm so happy for Cheech breaking 50! I will upload his post-game interview soonish. In the meantime I do have some spam. :)

Jonathan Cheechoo is two goals away from a milestone that carries great weight in the NHL and is reached by few . . .
By David Pollak
Mercury News

One season, 50 goals.

It's the NHL's gold standard of individual excellence. Putting the puck in the net that 50th time turns a very good season into something more.

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And after last night, Cheech leads the league with 10 GWGs. He was also #2 star on nhl.com last night, tying him with Eric Staal and Alexander Ovechkin for nhl.com three star to-date standings. :D

Sitting At 51 Can Jagr Be Caught?
April 11, 2006

It was a night of accomplishments in Phoenix Monday night when the Sharks defeated the Coyotes by the score of 3-2. Jonathan Cheechoo reached the 50 goal plateau with his second period tally, becoming just the 84th NHL player to accomplish that feat.

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Patty and Cheech both hitting 85 on the same goal to break Owen's record makes me so weepy. I wuv my captain.

The Sharks are not out of the woods yet, although a win against the Canucks would clinch it. It would be wonderful if the Canucks could somehow knock Colorado out of the playoffs. Blurgh.

[Edit: one more article!

Cheechoo scores, Thornton feeds, and Sharks look good

Ross McKeon, Chronicle Staff Writer

Vancouver , British Columbia -- Fittingly, seconds after Jonathan Cheechoo's 50th goal came to rest in the back of the net Monday night in Phoenix, there was Joe Thornton swooping in to retrieve the keepsake puck.

It figures he'd assist in snagging the centerpiece for Cheechoo's trophy case.

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I'm amused at the idea of someone Joe's size diving into the net. And *squeaks* Puck going to his dad. :)]
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