March 16th, 2006



I watched Cheerleader Nation this morning and really liked it! It's a reality show about the cheerleading squad at the high school that's been the national champion two years in a row. It follows not just the girls, but their moms (it is a Lifetime show).

I found these video diaries on the site, and people can leave comments on the pages. This one girl has a mental block when it comes to tumbling, and someone left what was meant to be an encouraging comment:
that poor girl... she should have confidence in the fact that she can do way more than most people five times her age. What she's accomplished is amazing!

... umm, because comparing herself to geriatrics is going to make her feel so much better.

An icon I made based on something tersa's friend said at a Wings/Sharks game:

Not one of my user icons because I have pretty low standards of officiating, so I'm never going to use it. :P Just thought what he said was funny.

I just realised my bra was twisted and unhooked it, untwisted it and hooked it back while in plain view in my cube. I have skillz!
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Go babies, go!

I meant to link to this earlier, but... zero memory. It's like every morning is my own personal reenactment of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Anyway! Here's jerichoholic419's account of the Rangers/Canes game. She counts Petr's crotch adjustments and everything, good stuff. And there are pictures of assorted Rangers! And also she has video! Petr crotch for all! :D

I got an email from a Swedish girl telling me that I got the Swedish wrong in a fic, and it was wrong, but it was a typo not that I screwed it up, hehe, and... I'm uncomfortable that people from other countries are reading my fics! I do a lot of like, complete BS because I'm lazy and like, these places are better the way I imagine them anyway, heh heh. I already had a Czech person email me before.

Someone from Magnitogorsk is going to scream at me, eventually. :P

There's an awesome quote from this article about Parker:
``I was trying to play hockey and you've got this little 4-foot-2 guy'' -- a reference to Tootoo, who is 5-foot-8 -- ``trying to do figure-eights around me. I was like, `Hey, this is my space. Get away from me.' ''

I have to admit, I got weepy when Preissing said "we have the best fans in the league and I really mean it" tonight. He's just such a down-to-earth guy that it meant more coming from him, somehow. :)

Midway through Rangers game, and already a Petr post-goal celebratory crotch adjustment! *happy* And just so I can say it one more time, here's the...

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