March 2nd, 2006


I wuv TV

Even though I am now working a backbreaking 30 hours a week, I still watch television (other than hockey) and the fact that this week''s episode of Supernatural sucked got me to thinking that the quality of television is actually pretty high these days, given that the suckage was actually an anomaly.

Gilmore Girls has been consistently great (even if it does make me cry myself to sleep every now and then :P) and How I Met Your Mother is all nice and comfy, like Frala!fic. Even the crappiest show I watch, Las Vegas, has good pace and charismatic hot chicks.

I will never understand the people who say television used to be better in the past. I can see it being all comfortable because it's nostalgic and it reminds you of when you were a little kid and how you had a nice childhood or whatever, but to say it's better???

Well, I don't know, I had a Childhood of Terror, so maybe there's an opposite effect on me.

From Line making big impact:
Goalie Evgeni Nabokov, who helped Russia to a fourth-place finish, said he was surprised the souvenir shops in the Olympic village were not better stocked. He visited one on his first day in Turin and found the shelves half empty.

``I asked about getting some gifts and hats, and they said, `Go on the Internet and order it,' '' Nabokov said.

I bet he totally bitched them out too! And then grumbled loudly in Russian about lazy, incompetent Italian bastards.
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