January 22nd, 2006


Hockey pr0n for all!!!

I got a tape from swar with Petr's interview after his Rangers debut, and other goodies. Thank you so much!!!

I uploaded more hockey pr0n to YouTube. Unfortunately, although the videotape was fine, somewhere during the transfer process, audio/video glitches were introduced to Petr's interview. :( But most of it is okay. Go look! :)

Joe Thornton is pretty funny:
``It's not something where you phone your parents and say, `Hey, I lost my tooth,' and then put it under your pillow for the tooth fairy,'' Thornton said. ``It's more like, `Damn, I lost some teeth and now I've got to go sit in the dentist chair for an hour.' ''

The Sharks are trying to kill me again! I was scared to watch the game! They made me feel like a Canucks fan! And OMG what crack is Garon on? ``We gave up three power-play goals, you can't have that many penalties against a team with such a good power play,'' Garon said.

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Shootout boys, Patty and Petr! And Petr being the shootout winner!!! :D Even though the coach forgot about him because he was at the end of the bench and he didn't see him, haha. He got put into the shootout once in Anaheim. He was all bitchy about it too in his post-game comments! "We had [five] shootouts in Anaheim and they put me in once," Sykora said. "I'm just happy to be part of a club that's driven to make the playoffs."

He actually didn't say those things one after the other, but I like how bitchy that sounds. He yapped at the Bruins goalie too! That kills me.

I feel as if I had so much more I wanted to say, but it's all gone now. This short-term memory loss thing is going too far. I don't even smoke pot!
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One word for Broncos fans: IN-COM-PLETE

Rangers ween! I'll simplify grossly and say that Lundqvist won the game for them. :P Got to see Petr with short, dark hair. It looks okay, but I'd rather that he'd shaved. It does make him look younger though, and not quite so shaggy.

To my horror, I discovered today that I must work to have enough money to pay rent. ;)
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