January 12th, 2006

Thorty 2

Joe Thornton for the Art Ross!

I was thinking, since the media gets confused a lot anyway, why not let Scott Thornton's goals and assists count towards Joe's? Then he might win the Art Ross this season!

I tried to upload the Brendan Morrison After Hours interview to Google Video, but it was rejected, no doubt because they considered it pr0n or something. ;) I'll squish it more when I get home so I can fit it on my website.

The Center Ice free preview is on right now, for those who don't already know about it. Go watch while you can! :D

I just came back from the dentist. They poked my gums. Ow.
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Hockey pr0n is meant to be shared with the world

Canucks people! I have the Brendan Morrison interview uploaded. Thanks very much, fetisha, for the link! :D

Now I can put all my other hockey pr0n up there too!!! *spazzes* Like Czech Sexonice! Haha, that's for you, Dev! *grin* Uhh, that one isn't working yet. Wait a while.

♥ Sharks ♥ Petr

kpavuk, need your mailing address. :)

[Edit: Never upload a video with "sex" in the filename. In the meantime, enjoy Andy McDonald expressing his love for Petr Sykora.]
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