January 6th, 2006


Cheechoo Turns a Trick!

So reads the headline on sfgate.com again. Cheech is a regular hustler!

From the AP recap of the game:
Jonathan Cheechoo first spent time with Joe Thornton a few years ago, water-skiing behind the star center's boat in Canada.

And then there's no explanation! Why were they water-skiing together? How did they even know each other then? This is genuine bewilderment. I am not entertaining other scenarios. *shudder*

But wow, two hat tricks within a month??? I'm in awe of Cheech. The only thing that could have made it better is if he'd fallen down celebrating!

There are trade rumours about Alyn. This makes me sad. :(

There was a very upsetting moment during the Rangers game yesterday(?) when Collapse )
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