December 20th, 2005


Hockey pr0n for all!

It's really a shame that Jennifer Garner's Mandarin finally sounds pretty good, just when Alias gets cancelled. :P

I'm excited about the Nip/Tuck finale! I'm rooting for the Carver to be Liz, hehe. After all, she does have Christian's sperm. (Not that it's tough to get, heh heh.)

Ducks/Sharks tomorrow with Lira! And Petr seems to still be a Duck so we can go watch him adjust his crotch close up! Whee!!! Uhh, I mean watch him close up as he adjusts his crotch, not watch his crotch close up.

Alex is getting me a DVD burner for Christmas! Now I can make DVDs of hockey pr0n! *cheers*
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