December 11th, 2005


Of ancient Swedish secrets...

Thorty cycling spam! I love that during the OLN game, they talked about how Thorty is a biking enthusiast to try to appeal to their core audience, hehe. Thanks for the link, frala!

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I am going to be horrified (among other things) if Thorty and Joe appear in spandex together on "Shark Byte".

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*cries* I love Marco so much. I think everyone loved him. *cries some more*

Oh man, tonight's game. I was kind of fearing/dreading it a little. I really didn't want it to be a meteoric crash. A close loss, I would still have been okay, but a blowout would have been pretty devastating.

I can rationalize all the other games.

Buffalo: trade emotion, Noronen (who just came back from a groin injury) in goal.
Toronto: the Leafs get a huge boost from emotional games, and playing a WC team isn't very emotional.
Atlanta: third string goalie, other key injuries.
Florida: played in Dallas the night before, then got stuck on runway for hours, reached hotel at 5 AM morning of game, Luongo not in goal, demoralized team.

But Carolina, a team that's been playing strongly; the only game I've seen them play in was a loss to Atlanta, but I've seen the highlights of some of their other games. They could have been the team to make the Sharks fall apart.

And the Canes played so well, especially in the first period. Great offensive pressure, great defensive play (Sharks didn't get a SOG until 7 minutes in) and great PK. I'd say that's the best a Sharks opponent has looked all season. I wouldn't say that they imploded later or anything. But the Sharks still won. *impressed*

Looking on forums, found some fun stuff:
great hit by Ekman... Wait... EKMAN? -- exactly my thought process, haha!
Murray must've shared some ancient Swedish secret with Nils. -- explanation by a guy who has an image with "one way ticket from Sweden to pain" as his sig

Petr scored a goal!!!

"When you play this game and you have fun, it's an awesome game," Sykora said. "Things were not really going well lately and I just wanted to go back to the game and get a goal and be happy again."


Video spam will come tomorrow, including Petr's linemates expressing their love for him, and one of the slashiest Shark Byte segments yet!
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Trade him, already.

Sorry, more spam, but Petr-flavoured. Two articles that are almost identical, written by the same author. How bizarre.

Sykora Plays Through Uncertain Status
By Eric Stephens, Times Staff Writer

MONTREAL — The Mighty Ducks got a big boost Saturday night from a player they've been trying to unload, but Petr Sykora's agent doesn't expect there will be any change of heart by the team.

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Summary: Petr was going to be traded on Thursday, but then Brian Burke's wife inconveniently decided to have her baby just then. He's excited that Boston, Florida, Montreal, Ottawa and the New York Rangers are interested in him. He whined to his coach to put him on a scoring line. Babcock used to "make sure" that Giguere's dad was at the game when they played in Montreal.

On Block, Sykora Lifts Ducks
# Amid trade talks, the forward has a goal and assist in a 5-3 win. Anaheim breaks seven-year spell in Montreal.

By Eric Stephens, Times Staff Writer

MONTREAL — Petr Sykora may not be with the Mighty Ducks for long, but he may have found his game while they still have him.

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Summary: His teammates love him very much and all want to jump his bones.

[Edit: More snippets.

LA Times

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