December 7th, 2005

Martian Love

Marian is a gum chewing water bottle slut!

Went to the Thrashers/Sharks game last night with tersa and it was lots of fun! The last time I saw Marian play live I didn't love him yet, so I was a little more observant this time. :P I think he scored 2 goals the last time - there was definitely a penalty shot - so he's kind of like Petr that way.

Watched the pregame warmups and Ilya was the last one out on the ice. Marian chews gum nonstop. Ilya also chews gum, but very intermittently. He had little rosy cheeks. Marian has a light layer of stubble that is completely invisible on camera, heh.

Marian is also a water bottle slut. He's talking to Havelid (Marian, just because his name sounds like Havlat, it doesn't mean he's a good substitute) by the bench, and Havelid's drinking water, and as soon as he puts it down, Marian grabs it and takes a swig, even though there's like 3 other bottles within reach. Then immediately after putting it down he grabs a different bottle and takes a sip, looking at it suspiciously.

The shampoo incident has obviously scarred him for life.

The OLN and radio people were totally raving about him and talking about how he's not just a scorer, but he checks too and he's a complete player. And apparently in the radio interview they were talking about how he had the whole give-and-go (heh heh) thing with Marty because Marty's also a passer, but Ilya's a shooter, and the radio guys were saying how you could tell from the tone of this voice that (and here they pause, and I think he's very sad and misses Marty a lot) he's not used to that yet.

Oh yeah, it was also Joe Thornton's home debut. ;)

One of the Boston writers was talking about how Joe is a nice guy, and how he wasn't a leader, blah blah blah, and that makes me feel more reassured, actually. I think that'll work out here. Plus, what's not to like about someone who can pass well? Err, this is all on a hockey level, of course.

I thought Vesa had a good game, although I did find myself worrying about his groin (hahaha). Two of the three goals scored on him were Marian's breakaways, and I don't fault him for those. He was really solid in the third period. A lot of people want to play Schaefer instead. I don't think he'd be a big improvement. People just have warm and fuzzy feelings because of that 5-game win streak. :P I think that was more about him being a spark than playing that well, although he did have one very good game there.
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