December 1st, 2005


As if people weren't confusing Thorty with Joe Thornton enough...

First, I would like to apologise to Joe Thornton for the quality of strip clubs in the South Bay. If you would like nicer strip clubs, come to San Francisco! Just make sure you check orientation, or at the very least, notice people in lots of leather loitering outside (unless that's your kind of thing, of course).

Second, go watch the clip on TSN called "Backup Plan". It's pretty funny. It makes fun of the life of Jamie McLennan and his role as backup to Roberto Luongo.

So, I was stunned all night, and I was reading online articles about the trade and stuff, and finally, when I read this, I started to cry:
Primeau left a note on the greaseboard in the Sharks' locker room that read: ``Good luck boys, I will miss you guys, Preems.''

I think a lot of people know about the Joe Thornton side of the trade, that he found out after he'd had dinner with his parents, who had flown to Boston to watch him play the Sens today.

But probably only the Sharks and Stars fans know that our boys found out just before game time. Sturm, Stuart and Primeau all took the pre-game skate. Niko and Fahey were in the press box as healthy scratches and had to rush down fifteen minutes before faceoff, and we were short a forward for the game.

From Sharks shakeup: 4-player trade / Tottering team deals for Boston's Thornton:

Wilson had to pull the trigger right before game time. Stuart, Sturm and Primeau all participated in the pregame skate 20 minutes earlier. Niko Dimitrakos and Jim Fahey were in the press box as healthy scratches and rushed down to join their teammates on the bench as the teams were lined up for the opening faceoff.

The three departing Sharks returned to the team hotel during the first period and were unavailable for comment.

"We got the news two minutes before we were to go out and play, and that's the toughest situation I've been in during my career," said Sharks forward Scott Thornton, a cousin of Joe Thornton. "We're all to blame for this. When trades happen it's because the whole team underperforms. It's not to single those three guys out by any means. We should all feel guilty about those guys having to leave."

And because this was funny, from Deal should provide boost rest of way:
``He's the whole package,'' Wilson said.

``It's a little bizarre,'' the whole package said in a late-night conference call with reporters from his Boston home.

And another thing on how last minute the deal was, from Three departing players were popular with team:
``That came down awful fast,'' Coach Ron Wilson said. ``Doug had told me that something could happen while guys were on the ice for the warm-up. That was the first time. We were scrambling. I had no idea of the magnitude. I thought it might be a one-player deal or something.''

I'll be recording the Sens/Bruins game today even though it's got the makings of a bloodbath cos' I want to see "our boys" in their debut with the Bruins.
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