November 30th, 2005


Trade rumour time!

Happy birthday, flanneryflyer!!! I ♥ you!!!

Why Petr Sykora should go to the Rangers
I'm really excited about Petr's impending trade. Especially if he goes to the Rangers! He would be so happy! That locker room is overflowing with Czech love. The boy needs Czech love to play. Vinny Prospal goes back to Tampa Bay and Petr can't score goals anymore. :(

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My love is unconditional
In other (actual) hockey news, the Sharks are actually doing better than I expected this season. I thought we overachieved last season, and then we lost like, all our veterans except Thorty, and I love him to death and he's my favourite player, and he's been to the Stanley Cup Final, but he's not the guy who's led his previous teams and stuff. We lost Rathje, and I know he's made some very noticeable mistakes with big consequences, but overall I thought he was very steady.

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'Tis the season for cancellations, fa la la la la, la la la la
Alias, Arrested Development (most likely), Threshold and Night Stalker have all been canceled. The only one I'll really miss is Arrested Development. *raises arms* Steve Holt!

Tuesday night is like, the most blatantly slashy night on television. Or maybe it's beyond slashy.

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Still stunned

Well, I'm still stunned, but not feeling faint anymore.

Joe Thornton? *blink* *blink* It's a good thing that I don't loathe him anymore, and merely dislike him. :P

But stunned.... I can't even ache/cry for Marco yet. He just bought a new house. The "new house curse", Drew said. On a hockey level it's a great deal for us unless Joe's back breaks or something. Oh man.

Will the Thornton cousins square off with the Niedermayer brothers? Does Scott Niedermayer even fight? Heh.


Uhh... I will update again when I'm less stunned? Eep.

*hugs newfashiongirl*
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