October 31st, 2005


Lost (not the TV show) ficcage!

Umm, so, I was thinking about the Bruins (which is like, ridiculously weird and out of the blue for me) and then I remembered that I'd written a Bruins fic for Bernie's hate fic challenge, and I went to look at it on my site and it wasn't there. Then I got freaked out because I always put fics on my site after I post, and if I can't depend on things like that, what can I depend on in my life??? Next, I'm going to be walking out of my apartment with my pants down to my knees, like my strung out neighbour.

So I looked in my fic folder and it was there, but there was no pairing information, which made the POV completely mysterious. I actually went to hockeydb.com to look at the 03-04 Bruins roster to figure it out! But I'm pretty sure I know who it was. So the very short Thornton/Raycroft, Bergeron/Raycroft fic is up on my site now. (Puppy Love, if any of you insane Bruins fans want to read.) Umm, and if any of you know that it was actually somebody else's POV, please tell me. :P

Bay Area sports are being saved by 4th string QBs and 3rd string goalies, har har har. How many times do you get to see someone tackle a guy, just before he switches to a QB helmet and starts running plays? I love that the crowd started chanting a 4th string QB's name. :P

[Edit: Oh it gets better, the 4th string QB was a rodeo cowboy.]
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