September 29th, 2005


Ski jumping in SF!

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We had a company outing today to go watch ski jumpers in the city. They basically built a ski jump on one of the hills and dumped snow on the street. Very weird idea, but very fun. :) It was in the high 70s today (summer started about 3 days ago :P) which made it even weirder to see all the skiers and snowboarders in full gear as they came down the hill.
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Shark Porn!

What was that sound? Oh yes, the sound of tattermuffin screaming at the sight of a half-naked Scott Parker as he shows off his tattoos on Shark Byte. *grin*

The program is also not complete until Drew does something like hug Parker from behind and say, "Believe me, Parksie, one queen is enough!"
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