September 10th, 2005



Last night was a pretty international night. A Singaporean (me) and a Russian (Alex) having dinner at an Irish restaurant served by a Czech waitress in San Francisco, hahaha.

I noticed she had some kind of East European accent, but Alex for some bizarre reason thought it was a fake Irish accent, so he asked her where she was from, and when she said the Czech Republic, I was kind of overcome, cos' Alex and I had just been talking about the Czech team and the World Championships and their hopping and other weird behaviour.

So I got all excited and asked her what city was from, and she said she was from Prague and she was smiling and I smiled back at her and... I had nothing. Seriously, pretty women turn me into the loser schmuck from romantic comedies. I don't even know why. But she was pretty, blue eyes, dark hair, nice smile, and very cute mannerisms.
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