March 23rd, 2005


Yiping aka Angela's wedding

I disappeared even more this past weekend because my good friend from college got married! :D It was a totally low-key wedding. Short, but meaningful. And there were Winnie the Pooh quotes that made me all sniffly.

Hers: I knew when I met you and adventure would happen.
His: A day without you is like a day without honey.

it was a really happy occasion because they're so compatible and both their families couldn't be more pleased. According to the groom, it's because they got engaged four years ago and they finally got married. ;)

I was a bridesmaid! Whee! And I got to see some Stanford people I haven't seen since college. Everyone is exactly the same. :P Except they now have like, jobs and stuff. Boo.

Still pirating. I am building up my armada. I have a war frigate on order. It can fit 75 people. I can barely handle cutters that fit 15. It's just going to sit at the docks until we get blockaded or something. But it will be mine mine mine!
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