December 22nd, 2004


American McGee's Alice

You guys may have heard me or dazedpuckbunny raving about American McGee's Alice before. It's an action game for the PC where you control Alice as she runs around a dark version of Wonderland brandishing interesting weapons, like a deck of cards and jumping jacks. I really enjoyed it because the levels are just so pretty, even though the game was made using an old game engine (Quake 3), and the music is really good too (done by a NIN member who is not Trent Reznor, I think).

Anyway, it's only $1.44 from GoGamer, only until tomorrow I think, so it's worth checking out! There's screenshots and a trailer available on that link. *pimps mightily*

I've started on a new exercise program that I found in fitness magazine which means I'm lifting weights again! *flexes*
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