October 17th, 2004


Natuzzi: It's how you live

I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to make use of a 20% off coupon today, and across the road was a banner that read:

It's how you live
Luxury Comfort Design

Design? Some D word. It made me smile. :)

I bought a toaster, a firm pillow (which feels so good cos' I'm a side sleeper), and the softest sheets ever! Seriously. They're softer than the $150 sheets. I love.

I also saw a chinchilla duvet cover. It was faux fur, but... it was a big furry duvet cover! Why would anyone want a big mat of fur all over their bed??? (Shut up, Fedorov.)

I found Swedish fish! I just had some and I also love. But that's a lot of sugar. I don't know if I can handle all that sugar.

It was drizzling when I got out of the store and the rain got heavier and heavier and somewhere along the way to the bus stop, possibly in response to my mental mocking of how wussy rain is in SF, it actually started pouring for real. My pants got completely soaked in 10 seconds, and there was a strong wind blowing all the rain in my face basically. :P I had to look down while I was walking because the rain was getting in my eyes. I was also stumbling about with a big bag of sheets, a jumbo pillow and a toaster.

Anyway, it only stayed like that for a few minutes, then went back to moderate rain again, so I took the bus home and had a nice shower. Hot showers are the best things ever after getting completely soaked. :D

[Edit: I also picked up ESPN NHL 2K5 *sniffle* and Beyond Good & Evil from Best Buy. I looked in the mirror when I got home, and my makeup looked better after the rain than before. Possibly I need some guidance with how to put on makeup...]
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