October 10th, 2004


Fun in North Beach

Happy birthday, crankygeek!

There seems to have been lots of stuff happening in North Beach today. I went to The Big Band Duel & BBQ Cook-Off today with Alex, his gf and a couple of other people.

As soon as I stepped out of my apartment, a Snowbird flew over my head. Then I walk out into the street and the street's been closed because there's some parade going on with people riding horses and a fire engine going by and stuff, and the park has 50 Ferraris in it. I have no idea why any of that was happening except for the Snowbird cos' I went to the air show yesterday, but it's kinda' cool. :)

Unfortunately because the streets were closed for the parade, there weren't any buses running so I had to wander through Chinatown to get to another bus stop. It was kind of nice, though. It's mid-summer right now in SF, so I was out in the tank top and shorts, sunny and warm (as opposed to sunny and cold/windy).

The fair(?) itself was ok, I took some swing lessons a while back, but I'm really not confident enough to just start dancing with strangers in public. Well, I'm not confident enough because I'm not good enough. *grin* I was looking forward to getting some overpriced BBQ, but there were too few stalls for the number of people who showed up so I waited an hour for it. Good BBQ at least.

There was this scummy girl who was trying to get people near the front of the line to buy food for her, playing the whole "I'm young and hot" thing but everyone turned her down. That doesn't work because 1) the city is full of young and hot women and 2) people just don't go for that kind of stuff here. :P

We went to the Boom Boom Room, which is a famous bar(? *clueless*), after Alex shot down karaoke. The band was really bad. >.< Nobody else seemed to notice that the drummer was really off, and later when he was done he came down off the stage and left with some people who had been sitting at a table, so he obviously wasn't part of the band, which explains why he was so off. :P I don't know if you guys have experienced this, but when I'm listening to a band and someone is off beat, it just makes me physically uncomfortable.
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