September 11th, 2004

Martian Love

Ceska Republika!

Ahh! I got a little weepy with pride at how well the Czechs played. I was even able to love Marty Havlat for a brief, shining three hours.

Speaking of him, it's really strange how he looks and sounds exactly like Radek Dvorak, doesn't it, you ESPN fuckheads? No joke. They call Radek Dvorak Marty Havlat when he's interviewed.

I think Melrose gets it right as they're mentioning they're about to interview Dvorak, but then the interviewer guy looks him in the face and starts, "Marty Havlat, blah blah blah" and Dvorak is either too oblivious or too nice or possibly too in disbelief that someone would fuck up his name in a television interview to correct him, and they go back to the studio, and David Amber is all, "And that was Marty Havlat, of the Ottawa Senators."

ESPN so doesn't give a shit. :P

Also, apparently because Dvorak has assumed Havlat's identity, Havlat has assumed Hejduk's identity. Because Melrose couldn't possibly be talking about Mr. I-can't-score-a-goal-with-the-goalie-sprawled-on-his-tummy in the same breath as Elias as Czech players making an impact in the game, could he?

But back to the good. The Czechs were so amazing. That was an incredible game. I was screaming and shouting and it happens that nobody's at home, but even if they were, I don't think I could have kept quiet. I was that into it. I felt mild love for Jagr even. *shudders* And I got all weepy when Elias tied the game.

Anyway, I'm glad that it was Vinny who scored, and not someone untalented or some asshole. If you know which two I'm referring to, I'll give you cookies. :D Nestle Toll House chocolate chip. *nods*
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