September 2nd, 2004

girlcrush, Logan Tom

Fun with newsgroups

I've been somewhat incapacitated by the Olympics, then the World Cup of Hockey, then having to deal with my failing hard disk, so I'm starting anew and not bothering to write about what's happened lately. (Actually I just can't remember.)

Sweden vs Germany made me cry. Marco out there skating again, and scoring a SHG, and that big grin on his face. *weeps with pride* Welcome back.

On the last day of the Olympics, the volleyball announcers, who have at various times claimed to have fallen in love with certain Chinese women players, and harboured fantasies about the Russian men's captain as a dockworker toiling to load cargo, declared "I love his eyes" of a dashing Italian player. I have greatly enjoyed their giddy schoolgirl commentary.

I remembered last night that I have access to newsgroups again through Comcast, so I thought I'd make use of it by checking out some gay porn. (Porn is the only thing I've ever found newsgroups useful for.)

Some thoughts:
  • College girl webcams do not belong in gay porn groups. If another girl is involved, that's another story.
  • That boy only looks 14, right? Right?
  • It's kinda' cool to see such het porn "storylines" like bang bus being adapted to gay porn. (Gay equivalent is cruise patrol.) I wonder if the innovative "rectal rooter" idea has been adapted, but it just wouldn't be the same, given that the core concept is kind of ubiquitous in gay porn.
  • Surprise, surprise--"smoking hot threesome" involved actual smoking. (I wonder if any unpleasant accidents occurred given the close proximity of dangling body parts to lit cigarettes.)
  • Facial expressions can mean the difference between conveying "let's get it on" instead of "haha, mine is bigger than yours".
  • I do not appreciate uncle-nephew porn.
  • How can it be "his first big cock" (another idea borrowed from straight porn!) when I've seen him in three separate sets of pictures?
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