August 23rd, 2004


Is "Miracle" compulsory viewing for US Olympians?

There is a short workout routine on this health & fitness website I go to called the "Pirate Workout" with accompanying illustration: Yar! I think I may have to do it at least once, just on principle. :)

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I've had a really shitty start to today! The jackhammers were going in the morning, and then that girl who thinks that because she posted some nonsensical "fic" that's barely more than a drabble but still feels she's part of the "writer's club" and annoys everyone with stupid questions for her "fics" that are about like Chelios humping a werewolf or something that she has said she will most likely never post but still bugs everyone with questions for it decided to use me to test whether her AIM was working again and made some pathetic attempt to ask me how I'm doing when she like never talks to me and was just making use of me.

Uhh, yeah, I don't like her very much. :P
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