July 8th, 2004


Harry Potter LEGO stuff!

I just got a LEGO catalog in the mail today, and they have so much fun, cool Harry Potter stuff, and I'm not even a huge fan - haven't even read the books, just watched the movies - but I look it and it's like I want I want I want!!!

*ahem* Anyway, they have a motorized Hogwarts Express train (with station), and the Knight Bus, and the castle, and other stuff too but I thought those three were the coolest. But what I thought was funny is that as part of the castle set, they have a hideous, terrifying, evil, memory-sucking, bone-chilling...

...cutelittlecuddly Dementor!

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Also, to join in the falafel crusade a little bit, I had a falafel with red pepper hummus yesterday from Whole Foods and it was awesome! So go eat a falafel today! (Exception made for dazedpuckbunny, who would probably drop to the ground convulsing if she had one. Or break into hives. Or have a piano fall on her. Something like that.)

rate of buying food > rate of consumption of food => overflowing pantry shelf

At least I finished the ten pounds of fruit I bought last week. *sends food over to frala*
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