July 1st, 2004

girlcrush, Logan Tom

Menace to society

Happy birthday, gimmeapuck! *sends Downey over*

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Thorty is now the oldest signed player. Yikes! That scares me. Like, I know how young our team is, but to get hit with facts like that is weird.

I am kind of finished with the "bikini body" exercise plan that I was following from fitness magazine. I say kind of because I picked it up from week 3 (of 6) and also have done nowhere near the amount of cardio mentioned in the plan, as well as missing days because of sickness/sleep deprivation. So alas! I do not have a bikini body.

Although I do look pretty nice in the elongated reflection from my powered off television! (There really needs to be a full length mirror somewhere in this apartment...)
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