June 27th, 2004


Good ice cream = orgasm

I've been eating white chocolate raspberry truffle Haagen Dazs with fresh raspberries for the past two nights. It is near orgasm (orgasm is Stonyfield Farm organic vanilla ice cream; the other flavours are good, but only the vanilla is orgasm). *sighs happily*

Watched Far From Heaven yesterday and liked it a lot. It was filmed in the style of those old '50s movies, where the scene transitions were always just the end of one scene blending into the other, without the modern variations of panning up/out/away then blending in a new scene, or fading to black, or just abrupt transitions, and the colors had that kind of fake colorized look to them. They got even got the style of music down.

The plot is kind of unrealistic in the sense of, let's get as many taboo issues into one movie as we can! The ideal husband is actually gay, the ideal wife is falling in love with a black (oops, coloured!) man. But that's kind of the point, to provide a counterpoint to the golly gee whiz! golden perfection of the '50s. I really liked the neat effect of how everything was pretty and civil and perfect on the surface, but when problems flared up, the lighting would go bluish dark, to contrast with the sunny, bright primary colours that they use for the ideal scenes.

I'm going to see Lira today!!! It feels like so long since I've last seen her. *future cuddles*
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