June 25th, 2004


Just like a meme, but not really

This is just like a meme, but y'all can't take part because you aren't Singaporean. :P Reading this list made me kind of nostalgic and happy, but at the same time really happy I don't live there anymore. *grin* This is all pretty much true.

Wait! iltb oso can read and understand!

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I got that list from talkingcock.com, which is an awesome Singapore humour site. It's got a cool dictionary of "Singlish" terms, including one that my friend invented 10 years go!

Sample entry:
HA? (Contributed by Terry How)
Super contraction of "Could you please repeat that again?" The equivalent of "What?"
Ah Lien: "Eh Beng, my period two months didn't come oreddy, maybe got baby...how?"
Ah Beng: "Ha? Talk after football game can or not?"

That would be the way I talk with other Singaporeans. This is why I have no accent. :P
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