June 24th, 2004

girlcrush, Logan Tom

Realism in fics

As much as I make fun of her, I must admit that someone who has Jason Spezza say "I'm so stupid" and "I'm an idiot" has her characterizations partially right. Although I can't envision him weeping into his cuddle pillow because Marian was Mean.

The Sit On Ass diet and exercise program I've been following for the past five days, at the very least, did not do any harm. Once I resume my regular program, starting with today's abbreviated workout, I'll be well on track to looking exactly like the girl in my icon--even though I'm Chinese and about seven inches shorter than her!

Ground turkey is a great substitute for ground beef when making Hamburger Helper stuff! Adding in spinach also worked out well. Next time I'll put in broccoli so I can get a cheap high. Whee!

Apparently ground turkey doesn't go bad for two weeks? *suspicious* I really hope that was the right expiration date on the package. I mean, it should be, right? I feel fine! I feel- *keels over*
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