June 23rd, 2004

girlcrush, Logan Tom

Partially naked men handling each other couldn't possibly be construed as slashy, right?

adgy, PJ Harvey is in the July issue of Spin. There's 2 full-page pictures and a 2-page interview. I'm gonna toss the magazine, but if you're interested, I can mail those pages to you. :P

I was watching that Cirque du Soleil reality show, and suddenly it hit me (after like 8 episodes) OMG the twincest!!! Kevin and Andrew, the twins, spend their entire act half naked either flying around or groping each other. They have cute distinguishing piercings. :) The other pair, Gareth and Ashley, aren't twins, but Gareth left London "to be with his acrobatic partner" (show's narration).

Yeah, I'm slow.

I'm heading out to the gym for the first time in like five days. *shame* Stupid sleep schedule. And no lifting for me today, I think, just cardio. *ponders* What the hell am I thinking? I'll be bored to death without lifting to split up the cardio. :P Hopefully, those grapes I had for breakfast can sustain me. ;)
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