June 17th, 2004


Where is the hot Scottish Quidditch boy???

I was pondering this as I walked out of the theatre after having (finally) watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Did they decide that his hotness was too distracting for the movie and yank him from it? *sighs forlornly*

That being said, Collapse )

I'm reading In a Father's Place by Christopher Tilghman, and while there are some very cool descriptions - he describes a cattle slaughterer's fingernails as "ten crescents of decay" - I'm just not very moved by the stories as a whole. Maybe I'm just not mature enough to identify with the people and situations, or maybe there's some symbolism or significance I'm missing, but I finish reading, and I don't have any lasting impression of the stories.

Whee! I just got a flat panel monitor at work because it doesn't work for anyone else who could use it. :P It's running at 1600x1024, which is a little bit of a strain for the creaky old GeForce DDR in this machine, but it's an improvement over the 17" CRT I had before.

I watched 5ive Days to Midnight last night. It's this Sci-Fi miniseries Collapse )
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