May 10th, 2004

Thorty 2

Clutch and grab this!

Wow, what a game! That was an awesome game yesterday between the Flames and Sharks. I was upset we lost, of course, but it was such a great game that it didn't feel as bad?

I suppose I'm a hockey fan first, then a Sharks fan, which is why I like to pay attention to other teams and watch other games the Sharks aren't playing in. *pats trusty Centre Ice* I wonder if a lot of people are surprised that the game didn't play like the Wild/Ducks series last season. Well they are very different kinds of teams. Both the Sharks and Flames are a lot more aggressive than those two teams, which makes for more exciting hockey, I suppose. Personally I enjoy a really good defense, like the Stars and Ducks played when they were at the top of their game, but that's kind of... subtle.

In any case, I'm not sure why people think taking excitement out of the game is such a big problem. After all, baseball has tons more fans than hockey does. *grin*

Thorty's back and lookin' good. :D

I watched some movies over the weekend: Maid in Manhattan and Rabbit-Proof Fence.

J. Lo sure has some booty. As for the second movie, I really liked it. It's set in 1931 and Neville, whose title is Protector of Aborigines or something like that, is having mixed-race children (just girls in the movie--wonder if they did it to boys too?) taken from their parents to a camp where they're trained to be domestic servants.

Most of the movie is about three girls who were taken and then walked home through the desert for nine weeks, surviving partly on the generosity of strangers, and also on some foraging.

I can't recall the exact arguments that Neville made for his actions, but he did have good intentions. I think that's the most interesting part of the movie to me, that people caused so much pain to these families, all in pursuit of what they thought was a good cause.

It's the kind of movie that tends to make us think, "Ooh in olden times people were so ignorant and prejudiced", etc, and then go on with our lives, but we're probably doing things that are just as ignorant and prejudiced and hurting people just as badly, it's just that we don't realize it yet. We being modern society, not necessarily actively doing stuff, but implicitly supporting.

Interesting quote I just heard on a Discovery Channel show: Statistics are numbers with the tears washed off them.
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