April 8th, 2004


Tool time

Happy Birthday, Alex (littlestclouds) and agentirish!!!

And thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. They made me all smiley and happy. :)

Did it seem to anyone else that Bill Clement sounded like he wanted to have sex with Robert Lang? I mean that goal was really nifty, but for it to turn him into a giddy schoolgirl is quite something!

I'm not completely settled into my new place yet, even though I moved in on Sunday. I still have a chest of drawers and a bookshelf to assemble. See, I have the TV on while I'm assembling furniture because otherwise I'd be bored and just... assembling furniture. But then what happens is that I end up watching the TV and not paying attention to the furniture assembly.

And then I hammer wooden dowels (is that the word? Tiny wood cylinders) into the wrong holes gleefully, and then try to pull them out by hand but can't then look around helplessly and feel like crying for about 10 minutes.

Uhh, then I use the claw part of the hammer to pull them out. *cue 2001 music* Ooh... tools! *embarrassed*

Eee! Tonight I'm going to my first playoff game ever!!! *runs around in circles giddily*
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