February 19th, 2004


Basic necessities

I have the wimpiest fucking battle fishie ever.

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I am fed, showered and slept. I feel like a whole new person! Like... colors are more vibrant now, and I'm not nauseous and my ears and throat stopped hurting and my hair smells nice (mmm, lavender) and I'm wearing flanneryflyer's pajamas.

It's a good thing I was delirious yesterday, or I might have been bothered by the Sharks 7-3 loss to the Preds. It actually made me a little nostalgic for last season, when it seemed like every game we would take 1050752073 penalties, and then fail to kill them off. ;) And that just got me thinking. That was last season. It's such an insane turnaround for the Sharks so far. If we get just one more point this season, we'll have equaled our point total from last season. *boggles*

But hey, as Drew and Randy said last season when we lost 9-3 to the Sens, at least we only lost 2 points. :P

Ducklings game made up for the Sharks one. They're playing like they did last season, and it's nice to see that Prospal has finally settled in. I really hope that neither Rucchin nor Carney get traded. They're as important to the team as JS. I was talking to joolzie about this, but it would not be so bad for them if they traded Petr. But wow, I don't know if I'd still be a Ducks fan if they did that. Then again, that's what I said when Paul went to the Avs. *shrugs*

JS icon because tamiflu inadvertently reminded me about the uhh... let's say "dormant" (as opposed to extinct) JS fic that I had forgotten about until Tammy's need for fic. ;)
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