February 17th, 2004


Queer Eye for the Hockey Guy

Angel is a puppet! Bwahaha! I am so looking forward to that episode. *sniffles at series being cancelled*

Outstanding hockey day:
  • Martian love. I dreamed about Marian cupping the back of Marty's head and pulling him in for a kiss during a goal celebration. Who scored? Marty? Marian? The other team? Who cares! Marian kissed Marty. :D
  • The Sabres are going fucking insane. I would love for them to knock the Isles out of the playoffs. I also feel somewhat grateful that we escaped from Buffalo with a 2-1loss given that the Sabres have scored 21 goals over 3 games. Damn.
  • I am actually happy that the Blues won despite liking the Yotes more as they advance Operation Infinite Justice. Mwahahaha!
  • Go Jackets!
  • Darcy, Owen and CS scoring goals in the first period. It's like the fic production crew! And Tellqvist in goal makes me think of ...who is like god? And then I start crying.
  • Ducks are trying to kill me by interviewing Sauer, Petr and Carney in a row. Like Petr alone was enough to kill me and his babbling and rambling and his eyes are kinda' greenish hazelish and... and then they interview Petr during the second intermission! They're really trying to kill me! He has crazy swirly hair that looks like a bad comb-over as tamiflu said, and he's trying to be really serious but the hair, the hair! JS stoned Whore a lot and he and Salei trapped Whore in his net. *giggle*
  • I... I may have hugged Daniel Sedin last night. :( But he's the okay one. Hee, ref sticking hand down Cloutier's pants! :D

*takes deep breath* So much to say about the Sharks but I think I've said it all already. Hmm, holy hell there was a lot of hitting, and so glad that Reech's line all got goals, cos' they'd been working pretty hard (as always) and Cheech and Thorty hadn't scored in a while. *sighs* And jeez, Marleau's line looked like the Sens in the first. Eep! :P

Okay, this is very important. Can somebody please tell me the context of Drew's (or Randy's) "Queer Eye for the Hockey Guy" comment? I didn't have TiVo going for that game so I just heard that and cracked up for like a minute. Like I vaguely know it followed a bout of flirting, but that's it. :P
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