February 6th, 2004


I'm almost as bad as the guy from "Memento"

Sooooo sleepy. But if I don't update I'll forget everything. So very quickly:

  • Met branwynelf, tersa and ebonlock for dinner and Sharks game. *cheers*

  • Damn, they played well tonight.

  • Nabby and Vesa are very close. *sighs happily* Nabby punched Kyle in the crotch after the game.

  • Was that really Foppa with the girly "woohoohoo" during the Wings/Avs game?

  • We are 13 games over 0.500; we weren't a game over 0.500 the whole of last season, I think.

  • Jesus, so much blood so quickly from Marian's cut. Poor baby. (Ooh, did he get a haircut? *ruffles it*)

  • Holy fuck amazing comeback from the Leafs. *loves* Owen!!!

  • Big night lots of games and I was happy with all the scores. *BJ face*

  • Reading Fitness magazine on the way to and from the game makes me want to start working out more.

  • Shane Doan, baby! was good and kinda' scary so it's a good thing his teammates kind of curled into a foetal position as far as defensive play went for the rest of the game.

  • Is it really necessary for TSN to have traumatizing headlines like "Sedins double their pleasure on Devils"?

Sleep now, what a great night. :)
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