January 16th, 2004


Those sexy Canucks

Is it bad of me to wish that 1) we had beaten the Stars 2) the Stars had beaten the Avs 3) we had lost to the Canucks? The Sharks and Stars would still have the same number of points and the Canucks would have 4 more than the Avs. Hmm. My mind works in funny ways.

Neither lastcatastrophe nor I got the Sharks game last night. This is unacceptable! We flipped between 15 and 22 but I just got the Discovery Channel and PBS. This probably means that I will not get FSN+ in the future and will be affected by the untelevised games crap. I did get to see it because they replayed it at 2 AM, so I actually got to see them play well. Yay!

I'm so happy with how well the Sharks played, especially in light of how the Stars game went that I don't really have much to say about the game itself. It makes me weep with pride a little. *giggle*

I do, however, have a lot to say about how much Randy [Edit: Sorry, it's actually Drew--I typoed that] loves the Canucks. Especially Nazzy who he has called "beautiful" before. They had a little profile at the start of the game and gushed about how wonderful he is at everything and urging us to watch him defensively too. Because when Nazzy has the puck it's a given that he's amazing. Then during the game he starts waxing poetic about the way Nazzy took his shot, with stick-flexing, and knee-dropping and... *coughs*

Then he turned his attention to Jovo, who is "the sexy one for the D". Which led to more flirting *sigh* later in the game.

RANDY: You talk about Jovanovski being the sexy defenseman? You're the sexy broadcaster on this team. You get all that kind of attention.
DREW: Oh yeah.
RANDY: You do. I'm the Ohlund. I'll be Matty Ohlund. You be Jovo.

And that makes me think of the two of them role-playing as Canucks and then my mental defenses kick in.

They then proceeded to call Jovo "the sexy one" throughout the game. :)