January 9th, 2004


Yummy hockey

Wow. Last fucking time I write Sens fic ever. ;) Also, I find it interesting that both Marty and Spezza scored, and Marian did not. I do indeed control the world. And SDQ? Don't expect all the games to be like that. *grin*

I was expecting the worst for the Jackets/Sharks game tonight. We were coming into the 2nd half of the season having done really well, the Jackets had just lost badly to the Avs, we had an 11 home-game unbeaten streak--the perfect setup to lose!

Jackets definitely played better than the Sharks in the first two periods, I thought, and they were pretty good defensively throughout the game. They were tying up sticks and taking people out, which I hadn't seen them do against the Avs.

We woke up in the third period and forced some good chances so I was happy with the effort, and especially tying the game at the end of regulation. OT was very exciting and I thought we dominated that, but honestly it doesn't occur to me that we have the possibility of winning in OT. Like theoretically I know it's possible, but in practice? Nah.

How did the lesbian get his black eye? Did you guys see anything happen during the Canucks game?

And I'm not going to forget, Thorty!!! *maulstackleshugs* Yay for two-goal night. :)

*ahem* *peers at Avs* Don't you wish you'd saved some of those goals from the other night? Yay for Paul scoring the tying goal with 15 seconds left, though. Must have been very exciting. :)

Overall, a pretty good hockey day with Bolts, Stars and Canucks winning. And I am... strangely happy about the Hawks winning too. *peers at SDQ*

Isn't it weird how people can have absolutely no grip on reality or grasp of logic whatsoever? I don't mean the people bouncing off the padded walls of their cells, but people wandering out there in the Real World, holding down Jobs, and otherwise seeming to be normal functioning people. And there are lots of them, too! Do they partly dwell in another dimension where logic works differently, yet their physical manifestation appears in our world? Do they walk around, taking solace in the secret belief that they are the center of the universe as they madden most of the people surrounding them? *ponders*
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