January 3rd, 2004


Baby Czech boys

I forgot to say it to you on AIM tonight, but thank you very much for the card (and cards), pipinghell! I really enjoyed the Shark tunnel picture. :)

Was fun watching the baby hockey players today. They are young, but most of them don't look it. *leches after baby!Czech goalie*

Not such a fun hockey day. Sharks lost, Ducklings lost, Canucks lost, Bolts lost, Stars lost... but the Flyers and Oilers won? :P

Haven't read the recap of the Sharks game (and it wasn't televised at all), but from the stats, it looks like the Sharks put in a good effort, but Passmore was really good? Not unhappy about that--happens to all teams.

Stole a survey thingie from tamiflu. I never do these because I'm lazy, but this one had interesting questions that I thought would be useful to ponder and articulate the answer to. :P

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