December 24th, 2003


Lose weight by sitting on your ass!

Going into Christmas, the Sharks are in a playoff spot and the Leafs are #1 in the league. Life is good. :)

I'm getting addicted to Northwest Division games. They are all so fun to watch. (Unless they involve the Wild.)

I have bought only one Christmas present for one person, and they won't even get it for a couple of weeks or so. That's one more Christmas present than I usually buy at Christmas--I usually get them between March and May.

Fic trades make such wonderful economic sense. Everybody wins. Even the person who writes Hatcher smut. >.< Man, I need some catharsis. I'll bet there's rainbow-colored underwear for women out there. Umm, but yeah. Spezza/Havlat is actually enjoyable to write. :)

Well, for the past week, I engaged in the Muscular Atrophy Weight Loss Program, during which I lost 2 pounds sitting on my ass. ;) I guess that's a subtle reminder to get back to lifting weights.

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I dreamed about Thorty again. This time no mother, although awful fear that he'd been traded. Somehow ended up making out with him. I am happy this morning. :D
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