December 20th, 2003


Arkora balance

Things I do not want to hear during Canucks games, as said by announcers: "Daniel Sedin almost hooked up with his brother."

Spezza is one of the cutest fucking things ever. After he scored his goal against the Rangers, he pointed animatedly at the net as he circled around it, as if to say, "Hey, it went in! That was a goal! I scored a goal! Me, Spezza!"

For the record, I have written 3 happy Arkora fics, and 3 unhappy Arkora fics. My yin and yang are in balance.

Warcraft 3 is sofuckingawesome. Like it doesn't actually do anything new, it's an RTS is a RTS is a RTS, but the story is really compelling and the units are fun and pretty and the level design is good. They incorporated some Diablo elements and I like those too. I don't think I'd enjoy it multi-player, though. Then again I've never enjoyed RTS games multi-player.

[Edit: At the intermission during the Isles/Flyers game, they interviewed Papineau and at the end DiPietro shaving creamed him in the face! It was so awesome and after that he was cleaning him off with a towel and they were all grinning at each other and looked like they were going to kiss and stuff. I like DiPietro just for that. *nods*]
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