December 9th, 2003


Thorty article - Adding Some Bite

What a wonderful thing to wake up to! *thanks flanneryflyer for link to Thorty article* Lookie here, tersa!

Archiving for myself: Collapse )

Hmm, what else made happy this morning? The image of Martin Havlat playing with little hockey action figures (not in that way) and being happy with Marian Hossa.

I made red curry with chicken last night for dinner. Alex's gf took notes as I cooked. That was really weird! I'm the kind of person who throws in random amounts of random ingredients when I cook and hopes that everything turns out okay. Or edible, at the very least. So I definitely felt like the blind leading the blind.

Speaking of Alex, I dreamed that him and his cousin were gay lovers. Now that I think of it, they have UST something fierce! They both bear scars from each other (courtesy of a two-by-four and a broken glass, respectively) and their bickering is really cute. One is tall, skinny and dark, the other is short, stout and blonde and they just looked right together in my dream.

*shrugs* Alex's gf has already slashed him with Chip anyway. ;) Apparently straight guys shouldn't own over twenty belts?
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