November 28th, 2003


Phone Post: Tape jobs and knob size

Posted for joolzie. *grin* Spezza, Alfredsson and Redden talk about tape jobs and knob size! From the 2nd intermission during last night's Canucks/Sens game (Sens feed). Spezza makes lots of gratuitous wanking motions!

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This was the second recording. There was too much hysterical laughter during the first one. For the second one, I was able to keep it down to one sputter when Wade talked about liking big knobs.
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Food, glorious food

I'm writing this post without any underwear on, lol!

Mmm, Thanksgiving. Food. Food. Alex, his gf, Chip and me went to Alex's mom's house for Thanksgiving and there was much stuffing of faces. I'm so glad that Alex's gf eats. Like she complains jokingly about how she's going to get fat because we all eat so much, but she doesn't go into hysterics. I made the mistake of having pumpkin pie and ice cream for dessert, though. I'm pretty sure that I'm lactose-intolerant so my tummy was in pain for all the after-dinner conversation (but nothing worse, luckily!)

Alex's step-dad found out that I watch hockey and he was asking me what I make of the violence in the game, and I answered that I didn't used to like the fighting at all because it interrupted the game, but that doesn't really address the violence aspect, I suppose. I don't know, I've never ever thought about it! I don't like when players get injured, but injuries are something that happens in almost every contact sport (I think?) so I don't see what the fuss is. I felt a bit like the D&D player talking to the Christian who's been brainwashed into thinking the game is Satanic. Well, a milder version of that anyways.

Oh, and the Russian boy I leched over a few months ago? I met his mom last night. She's cool. She shows up and talks in Russian to a few people, and she looks at the non-Russian speakers and says something, which is translated as that she's not going to talk to us in English because she's too drunk. LOL. She knew me by name! Russian boy mentioned me to her, teehee! Probably something along the lines of "Yeah, the girl who kept falling on her ass while roller blading." *grin*

Sharks WIN! OMG OMG OMG we're on a 4-game winning streak and we're above 0.500 now! *throws confetti* *squeals happily with

*ahem* Where was I? Canucks/Sens game last night was fucking awesome. As Frala remarked, it was a hopping night. :) (Markus and Marty both hopped) Cloutier and his bungee cord groin *hugs Canucks fans on friends list* seriously saved his team in the third. I must admit I really enjoy those segments where the players talk about how they like their equipment. *remembers Ryan Smyth talking about his heavy stick* I made a phone post of it (with transcription) in my previous entry.

So happy that the Flyers won for Flan. :) It was actally pretty scary in the last five minutes. Canes were really pressuring and could easily have tied it, but those are the most enjoyable kinds of games. Well assuming that you don't have a heart condition. :P

So much hockey today! *weeps with joy*
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