November 12th, 2003


Scott Thornton is the recipient...

Happy birthday, evil_pioneer!

Scott Thornton live chat today at 3PM (PST). :D

Naval Academy Visit For Team Teal. There are pictures of the boys! Also, of interest to two particular people, Alyn and Cheech sat together at lunch and also went around together. :D

Scott Thornton is a gay porn star. Really. Do a search--you know how.

Had indigestion or food poisoning or whatever last night and my tummy hurt so much I couldn't sleep. I was considering getting out of bed to go throw up and possibly end it all, but I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed. Tummy still hurts but not nauseous anymore. Well, not any more nauseous than usual. ;)

Sharks played well last night! They sagged in the last two minutes, but small steps and all that. There was announcer trauma. Drew and Randy (*shrieks* His name is Randy!) were discussing the San Jose Stealth, a pro lacrosse team that's playing an exhibition game right after the Leafs game on Saturday. They said they'd stay to watch it and Randy said he'd sleep in his office after.

And Drew says, "Want to cuddle?"

... at least Randy said no. Publicly. *weeps*

[Edit: Sens/Thrashers

Well, despite playing badly, the Sens came out with a win. Lalime was off, and the D was icky. Lucky for them, Nurminen was offish too, but both goalies picked it up as the game went on.

I really missed seeing Marian. :( Game after game he's a force out there, making things happen and stuff. You can't really not notice him on a shift. Oh well, at least Marty made use of his spot on his line. :P

Marty had a very uhh, intimate goal celebration, clinging on to Bonk's head and saying things in an intimate manner to Chara.

Usually I'm irked when the Sens don't play well yet win anyway, but in this case they did play better than the other team so I don't feel righteous injustice. *nods*]
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