October 27th, 2003


God bless the Canucks!

Woken up by loud gardening above my room. *grumbles*

Hockey! Is there a requirement that all Hawks goalies be pretty? Thibault and Leighton look like dolls. Leighton looked really solid. Gerber looked a bit shaky at times, although he only let in one goal, so he did well at crucial moments I suppose. Ducklings thought that they scored in OT, but unfortunately Petr was in the net before the puck was and the net was off the moorings. An ornery Hawks player knocked him over (or maybe he just fell over himself) the Hawks goalie and he was on his back, legs in the air, unzipped hockey pants for the world to see. Lovely.

But the real highlight of hockey last night was a Natuzzison goal!!! It was a beautiful, skilled Nazzy goal (blah blah blah) but the real beauty was Markus with arms outstretched as Todd barreled into him, pinning him against the glass as the crowd roared their approval. Then they shed their clothes and ... err, oh, sorry. My lovely insane Canucks LJ friends report about a post-game interview with Todd discussing his "special relationship" with Markus (phrase used by media!) and it just reinforces my belief that the Canucks are the slashiest organization (note, not slashiest team, for anyone who wants to dispute this) in the NHL.

I had beautiful Natuzzi dreams too, except that they both had their clothes on and there was no contact with each other. Blah. But still very nice. Stupid gardening neighbour, interrupting my Natuzzi dream. Maybe they would have had a goal celebration or something if I could sleep longer!

I'm very disturbed that someone in the pirate game, well ... okay it's this female pirate (piratess?) on a ship, jobbing with me, and after we're done and we get our share of booty, she asks me privately, "Want to walk around?"

Now I'm thinking, "Oh! She wants to show me something! It might be a way to get more booty!" however when I ask her what the purpose of walking around is, she answers that it's just to walk around, and I get the sinking feeling that it's some other kind of booty she's interested in. *shudder*
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