October 26th, 2003


Hockey coma

College football was on last night, displacing the Coyotes/Sharks game, but this didn't stop Center Ice from blacking out the game for me. :( I missed Thorty's first goal, and from the sounds of it (I listened on the radio) a hell of a game for him. He was first star? *squee*

I watched Sens/Habs instead. I am disturbed by how much I like the way Marian Hossa plays. *twitches* Oh yes, and thanks Habs announcers for telling us that Havlat waits and waits, and then Hossa "comes hard".

Hawks/Kings was a fun game to watch (although I would have preferred to watch the other game!) and Thibault just looked so exhausted at the end of it. Dempsey (I think?) skated hard into his arms at the end of the game and hugged him really tightly, like, "OMG I love you so fucking much you won this game for us!!!"

I signed up for the "beta tester's special" plan for that pirate MMORPG I've been playing. I'm paid up for two years of pirating. Unfortunately everyone has to start afresh on the new server, so being the sentimental fool that I am, I took a little screenshot of myself in my piratey outfit. Yes, those are Sharks colors. :P

Mmm, more hockey later. I love Center Ice. :D
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