October 23rd, 2003


Thorty spam

Thanks very much to tersa for telling me about this article. *sighs happily*

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It's a chance to bond with teammates. You get to know the new guys and the young guys.

Stain resistant stuff is a must. Haha.

Meals are a social thing on the road. The guys have a lot of fun with it.
Dinner party!

This season I'm teamed up with Vinnie Damphousse. We are very compatible. We have similar interests.
Dude, you realize Sunny could be reading this?

Ahh, I am very squealy and happy now. I like how he tries to educate himself and stuff while he's on the road. :)
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Center Ice made me a prisoner in my own house!

I'm going nuts with the hockey. Leafs/Stars was an entertaining game, but Stars D wasn't Stars D yesterday. When Mats Sundin can make it through three guys into the slot, it's not really Stars hockey, is it? Stars O did turn it on, but Leafs turned it on more. Ponikarovsky has a cool name. :) I enjoyed Stajan's picture in the graphic they showed of him. It was all chiarascuro, all dark and shadowy behind, light in front. It was like he was a superhero.

Flyers/Ducklings. Umm. *peers around* Flyers D looked awful in the first. Overall I think the Flyers were lucky to get a point out of that. *shrugs* Petr is so dorky when he scores, with the little dorky fist-pumping and such. They interviewed Feds during an intermission. He was wearing a toque with the top cut off. Someone needs to tell Feds he's in SoCal now.

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Lira, I have our Leafs tickets. :D Anna, I just mailed your tape. You should get it on Monday. :D
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Martian Love

Scary Eurofags

It's a bit scary when the Sens can play well for ten minutes out of sixty and win a game 5-1. Also, Alfredsson knows that when you're coming with Spezza, you come late? What is that? That's not very complimentary to Spezza, is it? Maybe he just needs practice. :) *steadfastly ignores Havlat/Spezza talk* *knows that Martian love is true*

I screwed up and taped the blacked out channel of the Sharks game. :( Umm, I'm glad we got a point? *cheers wildly for Leafs*

SDQ, I'm really, really sorry, but I reflexively deleted the game when it ended. *shamefaced* I'll get the next one for you.

Bernie, my sweet, you are very welcome to my bed and we shall watch hockey together all weekend. Because a pair of really tall, curly-haired Wings defensemen are not doing anything.
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