October 15th, 2003


Alyn spam!

Alyn spam. There is much love for him in San Jose. *sighs happily*

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It is understandable how McCauley didn't garner too much attention prior to his arrival in San Jose
Except from us crazy people who read "Long December" and fell in love with him! Hmm, I'd link to it but it seems to be gone from PopWrites. Flan? *scratches helmet, Staios-style*

"I know what Alyn can provide off the ice and with the opportunity and what he can do here," said Primeau.
That hotel stay must have been really fun for those guys. No wonder none of them wanted to move out.

I haven't updated for a while (for me, anyway). I've just been too giddy with the power of Center Ice! Hockey hockey hockey hockey ... *eyes glaze over*

In goodish news, I am now out $68,521.97 (this isn't the good part) and am mailing the last check ever to the government. This means they can no longer come after my sisters (who were guarantors on the contract I signed) if I miss a payment since there are no more payments to miss. I can also pay the money back over the next, I dunno, 10 years? instead of the 3 years it would be according to the current repayment scheme which I've been following so far.

No matter how bad things seem, you can end up okay. :)
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